Helena of Terrace

Helena of Terrace


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Size: 65 x 54 x 3 cm
Materials: oil on canvas
Date: 2021

Out of stock

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This is a painting of my roof terrace, my plants, my new friend Helena and my late fathers 1960’s blue glass ashtray.

It’s only through the experience of painting cubism, has it had a profound effect on me. That freedom to decide which facets to bring out can be a difficult choice – there are no rules. Though it’s been done a hundred years ago, many times before and by many artists – this is my version. To be honest, I never really liked cubism until I tried it – now I’m a convert to it’s subtle beauty.

To be free to show all angles, in a way, is like sculpture – it explains the 3D perspective. However, in my version, I’m describing a moment through time. The models emotions are visible, as the expressions flow across her face.

I feel like I’m in training, painting my way through art history, to properly gain a thorough understanding of each artistic movement. Maybe I need to do this first, in order to break the rules later. I try not to fuss over my paintings and just accept how they come out.

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