Icarus Sculpture

Icarus Sculpture


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Size: Back – 70 x 50 x 20cm. Wings: 2.5m long, adjustable.

Materials; glazed stoneware, quince branches and cloth.

Date: 2019

1 in stock

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The beautiful blue stoneware back of this androgynous Icarus sculpture is cast from a woman in her late forties. This Icarus is already falling, with expressive movement of the back. This whole piece is about finding out our human limits – flying to close the sun or playing too near the edge (whatever that may represent for you). He/She has already been flying too close to the sun and the wings are in tatters now and Icarus falls!

I finalised this piece in the gallery situation. The morning of the exhibition opening, I went up to a friends garden to select some long quince branches for the wings. The wings I had previously made, were small and just not substantial enough. However I left them on as well, as a kind of an insect like bi-wing. I trimmed the long branches and wrapped them in some frayed fabric remnants I got hold of from some worn out giant flags from Glastonbury festival. I chose the coppery colour to compliment the blue glaze of the back.

The wings were originally designed to go high up a long tall wall or across a wide wall. It was the curator, Gareth’s idea to have them coming into the room of the gallery – which I really like. This Icarus piece can go outdoors, the back is made of a durable glazed stoneware and the fabric can decay like prayer flags in all weather. I would just tie more fabric on every year or so.

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