Mountain Allure

Mountain Allure


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Materials: oil over acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 x 24 cm
Date: 2024

1 in stock

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In this small, ready to hang, oil painting you can see an orange sunset over an alluring mountain landscape but the rest is up to your interpretation – open your imagination! I’d love to know what you see in the colourful abstract marks of the foreground?

I hail from a place where we had to drive to the nearest hill (Horsenden Hill, which stands 80m high on the edge of West London, in the Borough of Ealing). So, being in the mountains, for the first time as an adult, felt like I was in the presence of something mega. The majesty of the mountains seemingly magnified the further away I got.

My husband (and art and technical collaborator) Honza, asked me about the splashes on the mountainside in this painting – my immediate response was that they represent freedom. Splashes are uncontrollable, fluid, free and in certain aspects, alive with emotion.

Living in the Andalusian mountains for all those years allowed me great personal growth and along with it a lot of freedom to express my wild nature. I was among many others doing the same – we put on a lot of amazing free dance parties! Through this I learned that, my freedom ends where yours begins. Our freedom, in whatever way we choose to demonstrate it, is only really freedom when it respects other’s boundaries and doesn’t negatively impact people.

As an urban city dweller – when I get a chance to negotiate the lines drawn across the sides of mountains by wild goats, following their rocky tracks through resilient, drought-tolerant plants, I feel completely at home!

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