Mouse Angel

Mouse Angel


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SIZE:W:29cm x H:25cm x D:12cm

MEDIUM: wire, paper mache, paper clay, epoxy resin and oil paint.
DATE: 2011

1 in stock


This is a very special sculpture with a beautiful calm energy. I am so in love with this mouse. She gives me so much pleasure with her simple evening gown and subtle turquoise running make-up. It’s amazing how much good energy an inanimate object can bring. She has a shelf in my house and I don’t exhibit her very often because I want to keep her. I am feeling a little timid by showing her to you now, though I know I need to let her go out into the world and bring her joy to someone else, who will appreciate her as much as I do. I can’t keep everything I make because otherwise I would have to turn my house into the Emma Plunkett Art Museum.

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Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 cm


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