My Kitchen Idyll

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My Kitchen Idyll


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Size: 100cm x 80cm

Materials: acrylic and collage on board

Date: 2017

1 in stock

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I feel vulnerable for exposing so much of the intimacy of my life. I’m even uncomfortable with you knowing what half of my kitchen looks like. This painting was a bit of a battle to bring into being. The whole painting developed organically, from using my personal recipes, in the collaged background, to realising what my kitchen actually means to me. I eventually managed to get the recipes to be more visible, however I would have preferred the figures to be a little more abstract. In fact I would have preferred the whole painting to be a bit less ME! I mean, why didn’t I just paint a pie?

After reading about loneliness, I wanted to paint something that reflects back to people what it’s like to be human, from how I live. I seem to have painted the human condition of connectedness.

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