Our Kid


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SIZE: 30cm x 40cm
MEDIUM: photographic print on 250g glossy paper
DATE: 2016

1 in stock

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Contact me about getting this photograph printed on aluminium, so it can be hung outdoors or in a kitchen.

I was out photographing landscapes, when I dared to take a peak inside a nearby goat shed. And behold, the sunlight was shining in at the perfect angle and the baby goats were happy to pose. It was one of those moments when I thought I’d better start snapping right this second or else it all might change.

I have isolated the baby goat, taken it away from it’s environment of a bed of yellow straw and given it space. Hopefully I have elevated it into something artful, though the real art is just looking at it as the wonderful work of Mother Nature that it is. The goats beautiful coat and it’s facial expression is what it’s all about. I was at the right time and place to capture this moment of life.

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