Primitive Goddess of Abundance

Primitive Goddess of Abundance


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Materials: glazed stoneware clay, brass wire, metal stand

Size: The stand is 77cm high

Date: 2019

1 in stock

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Golden glazed, stoneware clay, primitive Goddess of abundance – an Earth mother. She is suspended from a steel stand and can go indoors or outdoors. I’m really pleased with the way this sculpture turned out, even though it was a bit of a struggle to get the design and structure right the first time around.

I’ve been playing around with making the clay have this craggy texture for a few years but this is one of the first times I had any success with making it look good. She came about after a visit to a primitive art gallery in Czech, where I saw a small, simple Goddess that I really liked.

Broken but whole. The gaps in this gorgeous sculpture make think of the stories we carry as women throughout time that are painful and may cause bits to break, and yet without those experiences we would not be who we are in this moment. We can embrace and celebrate it all, knowing that we learn and grow as we do. Amazing work as always! Kim Henry – Luv2Act

Wow, I thought she was made of bronze… she made me think of armor. For me there was a real play between the hidden but glimpsed through the gaps soft space that I imagined to be inside the shell or armor. So a play of softness and strength, of protection and naked vulnerability. And the fact that she is not whole but kind of pieced together makes the piece look quite broken and yet from what I feel in reaction to the video, there is a real peace to the sculpture. A beautiful piece Emma, love it! Zoe Slade – Art Lover

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