Secret Heart

Secret Heart


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Materials: Oil on canvas

Size: 100 x 80 x 2cm

Date: 2018

1 in stock


A beautiful abstract oil painting of a love heart, painted with myriad colours all mixed from a limited palette of 4 colours and white. Painted with layer upon layer of clashing pastel colours, which are up to 5 layers in places. It’s painted in a kind of techno stye. There are deeper turquoises and burgundy hues to give the painting depth. The heart was accidental but once it appeared, it was not totally ignored. It has a broken line, so it blends into it’s background, just emerging through. This is the kind of painting that grows on you. Show yourself some love in a positive healthy way by surrounding yourself with love hearts.


The full title is; The Abstract Map To The Secret Heart

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions120 × 100 × 20 cm


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