Tablones Light II

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Tablones Light II


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SIZE: W:30cm x H:40cm
MEDIUM: Cyanotype print and watercolour ink on 300g watercolour paper
DATE: 2018

1 in stock

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This is an A3 cyanotype print with watercolour inks on 300g cold pressed paper. I can reproduce it again using the same enlarged negative but the way the daylight sensitive emulsion and watercolour ink is applied, makes each print unique. A cyanotype is an alternative photographic printing process, like blue prints from architectural plans. I assemble them in a dark room, laying enlarged negatives and sometimes botanicals and found objects onto a surface painted with the light sensitive emulsion. I then I go outside and make a contact print in the sunshine. The paper is then washed and turns Prussian blue. This is image is made from a photo that I took when I was just hanging around waiting for someone. It’s all about the relaxed cabling and beautiful light in southern Spain.

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