Thistles I

Thistles I


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Materials: oil on canvas stuck to a board

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Date: 2020

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Painting the thistle heads is the best bit but I had to paint all the rest in order to get to those bits. I use artist quality oils for vibrant colours! The sky is pure cobalt blue. I paint during the day in natural light, so whatever light you look at the picture in, it will be rich in colour.

I chose the subject matter of an everyday weed (that people usually pass by) and elevated its status by studying it and bringing it to life as a painting. I did this is an act of rebellion against the manicured lives of the out of touch – it’s a statement about everything having a value! At the same time it is an exercise in the power of the artist to choose what they want to be revered. The subject of this painting is primarily a celebration of wild nature though, with the beautiful colours of the flower. Plus an unbroken blue sky can lift anyone’s spirits!

These thistles existed up a mountain in southern Spain, resisting the heat and arid conditions to deliver their beautiful purple heads. I saw them on a dog walk and couldn’t just pass them by.

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