Tree Shadow

Tree Shadow


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Size: 55  x 46 cm

Materials: oil on canvas

Date: 2021

1 in stock

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This oil painting is of an ordinary enough scene, though one that delivers an immense shadow of a tree as the main subject of the composition. In reality, the shadow is even more striking than the tree itself (stripped bare of its leaves, reduced by pollarding and lacking any detail in its silhouetted appearance), with a few simple, elongated and graceful limbs.

The point of this painting is about how I want you to feel. I want that magnificent shadow and unbroken blue sky to convey a feeling of winter sun (without actually showing the sun). I want you to feel hope and wonder at nature (in all its guises) like I did when I took the time to stop and observe. I was struck by the sharp graphic lines of the shadow cast over the perspective of the nondescript wall and paving.

That wall is not noteworthy at all and yet by studying and painting it, it has gained importance in all its unsophistication. I suppose with Barcelona being so beautiful, it’s refreshing to take time to pour over architecture without frills!

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