Trees at Night

Trees at Night


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Size: 60 x 60 x 4 cm

Materials: oil on canvas

Date: 2020

Out of stock

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This is a vivid oil painting of trees at night, some might even say Fauvist in style.

The art materials used to paint these trees came to me from my dear friend who recently passed away, artist Barbara Jinks (RIP). I picked them up from my artists’ meeting, in a bar in Órgiva. I was staring at these trees opposite and decided to just get on and paint them, without being precious. It took just a few days, from the initial idea to the finished painting.

During the creative process, I took the risk of overworking. I just kept going, until I was even applying the paint with my fingertips. I managed to break through my rigid thinking and go beyond my pointillist style. In the end, I felt like I was expressing the actual movement of the bows and leaves of the Cypress trees. I have been watching a lot of Van Gogh films, and that must have helped me to open up and get in a new flow.

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Dimensions90 × 90 × 20 cm


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