Vino Desnuda


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Size: 40 cm high (approx)
Materials: acrylic paint on a wine bottle, with found objects
Date: 2022

1 in stock

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Dear women and wine lovers – this sculpture is for you. It combines two of our favourite things – beauty and taste!

The fabric sack canvas was already on the wine bottle and was begging me to paint on it. I added the found objects to change the form and meaning. The background was a teal colour to begin with and I thought a landscape might emerge but after some working out, the painting evolved into this nude. I then mixed the background colour to match the exact blue of the glass beads.

The meaning to me is about light hearted fun, being on a tipsy upward spiral and celebrating the nude form.

We live in a society that objectifies women’s bodies, however objects are generally more appealing with a naked lady on!

I paint women because I am one – I feel comfortable working with the female nude, which I also find beautiful. I love wine too!

The title, Vino Desnuda, is a play on Spanish words meaning She Arrives Naked and Wine Nude.

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