What you’re buying – Regular Non-Exclusive License

A license for an artwork that allows you to make up to 3000 printed copies and 3000 monthly views of a single end product that is not for sale. The artist (Emma Plunkett) grants the licensee (you) The Regular License for an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable, worldwide license to make use of the digital artwork that you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the artwork.

Who owns the license?

You are licensed to create one single end product for use by you or one client, which end users are not charged for and that end product is distributed for free. When the end product is a customisable implementation of the art work, you buy the license on behalf of each client. Your single design, incorporating the artwork, can be sold on to your one client for any fee. The license belongs to your client. The Regular License gives you permission to make up to 3000 copies of the single end product, as long as the end product is distributed for free.


This license is valid for two years, if after this time you have not used the artwork, you will have to renew the license to order to use the artwork. Once you have used the artwork you can keep promoting the end product, you just need to get a new license to do a re-print or to create anything online after this date. If you have the artwork as a logo, this is fine for the life of the company but you will still need to renew the license each time you create a new end product.

Modifying the artwork

You can modify or manipulate the artwork, therefore you can delete unwanted components before creating your single end product. You can combine the artwork with other works and make a derivative work from it. You can extract and use a single component of the artwork, on a stand-alone basis, for use on an end product. The resulting works are still subject to the terms of this Regular License.

What you can do

This license is ideal for creating canvas or paper prints for your work space or home or for use by designers for things such as tattoo designs or other one-off designs. You can use the artwork on a flyer, poster, t-shirt, baseball caps or other merchandisable end products to promote a commercial or non commercial projects, like an educational course or public event. If the end product is for sale, then you will need to purchase the Extended License. You can use this license for online use for memes, videos, websites under 3000 monthly views. You can also use it for logos and trademarks.

Things you cannot do

You can’t sell the end product, except to one client. If you or your client want to sell the end product, you will need to purchase the Extended License. You can’t re-distribute or make available the artwork as-is or with superficial modifications. You can’t extract and use a single component of any artwork, on a stand-alone basis, for use on an end product for sale without an Extended License. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for free. You must not permit an end user of the end product to extract the artwork and use it separately from the end product. You can’t use the artwork if the end product is promoting or endorsing a commercial product in a film or on an advert or if you art part of a campaign which exceeds the allotted views, for this you will need to purchase an Extended License. The amount of views applies to the appearance of the artwork as a logo too. You cannot use the artwork in any way that means the artwork endorses anything that is defamatory, obscene or demeaning, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

Third party applications

You can’t use the artwork in any application allowing an end user to customise a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an “on demand”, “made to order” application. You can use the artwork in this way, only if you purchase a separate license for each final product incorporating the artwork that is created using the application. For example slide show apps, meme and e-card generators.


Emma has developed her style over time and not for a particular client or purpose. She retains the right to keep producing artwork in this her artistic style and to keep selling other art licenses of this piece and other pieces in this style. If you would like to speak about an art license that is different to this agreement please get in touch, for example if you would like to buy the rights to be the sole producer of a particular end product with this artwork on. Or if you would like to commission a new piece of artwork.

Agreement nitty gritty

This license can be terminated if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop making copies of or distributing the end product until you remove the artwork from it. You can only use the artwork for lawful purposes. The author of the artwork retains ownership of the artwork but grants you the license on these terms. This license is between the author of the artwork and you.