In this three minute video, you can see a compilation of my artwork from studio shoots and exhibitions. You can listen to me talk about my inspiration, insights and take a glimpse inside my new art studio. I have presented the pieces how they could be exhibited in a gallery or in an art lovers collection. My artwork is varied, spanning across different art materials and subjects – though I tend to concentrate on the female form from the experience of being female. I haven’t been able to include everything, though this should give you a good taster!

Making this video has been on my list of things to do for a while because I thought I had an out of date video on my home page. It turned out I’d already changed that ages ago for a slider – oh well, it was great motivation!

Behind The Scenes…

I discovered what I wanted to say and which art to show as I went along. I started off by talking off the top of my head and listening back to it. I found themes in what I was saying, so I took notes and refined it. If I read my lines out they sounded flat and wooden, however, when I spoke from memory, I delivered the lines differently each time. It took me several rounds of filming and editing until I was happy with it all.

Self Portrait

Artist Emma PlunkettFor the introduction and ending, where I’m on camera, I decided to light myself as I had been lighting the sculptures. This is a frame grab of me trying to memorise my lines.

If there are any pieces of art you’d like to discuss with me get in touch, otherwise you can browse my gallery to find out more about each piece!