This video is shot from inside the biggest water fight ever by Emma Plunkett, with her under water video camera. So much fun, so much energy, celebrating water itself, in spa town Lanjarón, Andalucia, Spain. San Juan, 23rd June.

Take a warm summer evening – imagine you’re on your way to the water fiesta for the first time and you are right out of town and a bucket of well aimed water lands on your from three stories above and you’re suddenly soaked through. That is how it begins, with grannies laughing at you from a great height. Then as you get closer to town, a friend calls out your name and splash, a cut off two litre plastic bottle is emptied into you r face and all you can do is laugh and look around for someone to do the same to. The water flows for an hour between midnight and 1am I think, and there is a band playing in amongst it all and people chanting “mucho agua, mucho agua”. It needs to be experienced. Take a bucket and some dry clothes with you though for later.