Look what comes up when you type, “primitive goddess” into a Google image search – my goddess sculptures are ranking high on the first page! I know it’s only a temporary high level position but it’s a small win that I can celebrate – I’m happy this sculpture can be found easily amongst all those other treasures!
My husband Honza said, “You’re going to skew the search results for some archaeologists who found a bronze aged goddess sculpture, wrote a 30 page essay and yet my Goddesses come up first!”
This primitive Goddess stoneware sculpture is made from heavily texture clay slabs and formed into the shape of a woman. It’s a delicate creative process that leaves the sculpture looking like it could fall apart but I can assure you it’s sturdy – I joined the clay well.
Size: (with stand) 70 x 30 x 20 cm
(without stand) 40 x 20 x 20 cm

Materials: glazed stoneware clay, brass wire, metal stand
Date: 2019

This sculpture is available to buy on my web shop.