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PLC – café

2020-10-21T10:01:16+01:00September 19th, 2012|Projects, Video, VJ Gigs|

This is a showreel for a chill out video lounge, festival space. We created it in collaboration with a great group called the PLC cafe. We supplied half the screens and projectors, rigged it all and supplied visuals throughout the whole event. Shot on location at the Freekuency festival, Portugal, 2012.

Mighty Sounds Festival 2009

2020-10-21T10:01:20+01:00August 19th, 2009|Video, VJ Gigs|

This video shows the VJ Miss Plunkett team in action, running the video production on the second live stage, at a festival in Czech Republic, for three consecutive years. We hired in the screens and projectors and helped install them. We supplied the video mixing desk, live cameras and tripods and all the cabling on stage. [...]

Rocket Festival 2008

2020-10-21T10:01:44+01:00September 19th, 2008|Video, VJ Gigs|

Miss Plunkett and crs#1138 were responsible for the visual production in the main dance tent, providing and installation of video projecting equipment for 3 screens of live mixing. Thanks to the great team of helpers and VJ’s, like dr.mo, Mandy Mushroom, Russel Blakeborough and others, you all played so nicely together!

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