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The Wedding of Sarah & James

2019-08-23T11:13:30+01:00November 17th, 2018|Video, Wedding Videos|

This is my younger sister's wedding video, which I shot and edited. Here you can see my family coming together, celebrating a wonderful day. The event was held at The Bull Hotel, in Buckinghamshire, UK. This is a good example of the way I film and edit a wedding video, making sure I'm there filming [...]

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Toady & John’s Wedding

2019-10-09T09:14:50+01:00November 4th, 2015|Video, Wedding Videos|

I noticed they didn't have a videographer, so I decided to shoot this unofficial wedding video on the spare of the moment. It's filmed from a guest's point of view - I didn't even leave my seat in the church. There were already plenty of guests taking photos and I thought it's nice for Antonia [...]

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Lou & Selv’s Wedding

2016-10-17T22:29:23+01:00June 19th, 2012|Video, Wedding Videos|

A wedding shot in London by Emma Plunkett, intended to be an informal and intimate memory for the bride and groom and their family. But honestly it was a real hoot and being a guest and the videographer was a bit of a challenge as I was with my best friends revelling at the same [...]

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Elizabeth & Rinks Wedding Video

2016-10-17T23:06:09+01:00December 19th, 2010|Video, Wedding Videos|

This is a 10 minute edit of Elizabeth and Rinks wedding. They gave me footage shot by their guests and I edited it to some of their favourite music. The presentation DVD contains a full length video of the ceremony and reception and a video of the speeches as well as this 10 minute edit. [...]

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