I really like this show. I like being able to see part of the journey that each artist is making through their artwork. All the artwork is highly original and intimate. I think it’s my best work to date and one of the best exhibitions I have been in.

Jardín Nazarí, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain

All four artists’ work is diametrically different. All painters but each with deeply different concerns. The artwork in this exhibition is mysteriously intriguing, hyper realistic, colourful and expressive or fascinatingly conceptual.

Jessica Shepherd

During the opening, botanical artist and publisher, Jessica (Inky Leaves) told us something startling about her painting technique. She said that once she gets down to the tiny details, things like the veins in the leaf, that she often makes it up! Considering the photorealism of her paintings, I found this to be exciting news and proof that she is such a keen observer and well rehearsed with her subject.

Nick Fudge

Nick turned his back on the art world for 25 years and has now emerged with an amazingly well thought out body of work. Observing Nick’s paintings is like reading the pages of an art history book – fast. The references intertwine and weave about to build a new dimension, which is both familiar and fresh. Nick talked some of us through his paintings, how he draws upon not only art history but symbols from the digital evolution. Some of his emblems are relics from very early editions of photoshop and he uses the Apple computer’s logo abundantly. Nick doesn’t like to share his work on screens but you can find out more about him on his website.

Gareth Lister

Gareth’s art is plain sexy, understated and cool. He paints on old wooden boards, his palette is generally subdued, whilst still allowing bright hues to work their way through to the surface. There is an abstract landscape assemblage and different lone male figures, which are based upon ancient Greek statues – a stalker, a sportsman and a ragged ex lover. All intriguing. All painted with a multitude of layers and distressed back to their bare bones. All executed with a careful yet carefree hand. You can find out more about Gareth on his Artists’ Network Alpujarra artist profile.