During my art classes I impart as much knowledge as possible – I don’t hold back! I want you to succeed, to go home with solid results, to have moved forward with your practice and be empowered to work on your own. You can book a one to one art class through my website.

Sometimes I think that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to art, so I decided to write down a list of some of the things I know about making art. Read on to get a better idea about what type of art subjects you can learn from me.

Art materials – how different substances behave, like different types of paint, glue, varnish, plaster, fabric, papers, canvases and clay bodies. Get to know the different characteristics and what they can do. Get a list of what kit to take with you when you go outside painting (plein air painting).
Colour – find out how to mix and paint a colour wheel, the meanings of each colour and about the significance of how colours are placed. How to consider tonal values, find out what good contrast ratios are about and how to keep your colours vivid! Which are the best colours to buy. Working with a limited palette.
Techniques – how to play with different types of paint, how to construct a painting, using layers, creating textures, framing, composition, asymmetrical design and balance and about structure in 3D works.
Imagination – how to access the imagination and get it flowing, digging deeper and feeling safe about being 100% honest.
Subject matter – how to draw and what to paint, how to create emotion in the viewer, to value your unique experience and what it feels like to bare your soul.
Working with models – how to get a life model, how to set a pose, backgrounds, drapes, etiquette, lighting.
The creative process – trusting your intuition and getting into the flow, knowing when to stop before over working – how to listen to your art. To act on the happy accidents, have the patience to start again and to accept our own creative output.
Blocks – working through emotional issues, finding a tiny baby step when you’re stuck, art as therapy, recognising and ignoring the inner critic and what procrastination techniques are.
Tools – how to operate technology and use different online art selling platforms, how to handle power and hand tools, video equipment, cameras, brushes, palette knives. How to maintain them.
Appreciating art – how to read art and have an emotional response to it – slow looking. Recognise and acknowledge inspiration. Your raw emotional response and your critical eye.
Communicating – how to talk and write about art, how to create a feel, how to communicate in a visual language.
Marketing art – how to photograph, store, display and get your art in front of an audience.
Selling art – how to earn a living from your art, communicating with collectors, clinching the deal.
Shipping art – how to package art, so it arrives safely and in perfect condition, even sending 3D pieces overseas.

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Maybe, if you doubt yourself, you too could write a list of all the things you know about your chosen subject, just to remind yourself how knowledgable you really are!