Anthropomorphic Being

Anthropomorphic Being


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Size: 124 x 40 x 14 cm

Materials: glazed stoneware with wire mesh, metal scourer and metal rings.

Date: 2019

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Stoneware female torso – outdoor sculpture

She had a bright shiny new metal scourer for her pubes to begin with, but it demanded too much attention. Now, she has a previously used scourer. One which is much duller in appearance, and has a history of doing my washing up.

I had the stoneware female torso and metal mesh hanging around my art studio for a while – my ideas were stumbling, about how to create a skirt, or whether to try and give her trousers. I finalized her while putting up the 4-person art exhibition that she was displayed (at in the Jardín Nazarí, Vélez de Benaudalla). There’s nothing like a bit of stress to help get things done! I called upon my friend Ange for her emergency life modelling services, and she let me cast her legs in the wire mesh. It didn’t work at first, so I let go of ever finishing this piece. The legs finally materialised after I decided I had to be prepared to spoil the pristine condition of the mesh, so I was much more aggressive in pinching it into shape.

I love the different textures of the materials used, the solidity of the torso and the weightlessness of the legs.

Imagine her on your garden wall!

She is very durable and I would love to see how she weathers. The stoneware female torso has a sealed back, sides and a drainage hole, so it could be planted in. Something growing inside her could give another whole living dimension, and also add more height. It was also suggested that she could have some sand filtering out through her feet, to a pile on the floor. I like that idea… and also that this piece could grow by adding bits to her over time.

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