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Size: 55 x 46 cm
Materials: oil on canvas
Date: 2021

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I wanted to tell you about how much I love a perfectly ripe avocado (that’s why I painted one) and to ask you about your favourite recipes? However, when I started exploring the nutritional values (which are awesome), it wasn’t long before I found out about the huge environmental impact of this Green Gold!

Mexico produces more than 50% for the world market and the demand is still growing – by at least 10% per year. The avocado supply chain desperately needs international monitoring and standards.

Consumption in one country should not cause deforestation, biodiversity loss, water shortages for locals (due to excessive water extraction) and small to medium sized producers being the target of organised crime. Trade agreements need to include the environmental impact in their clauses related to exports.

To create sustainable food chains, we need to be aware of the origin of our avocados, otherwise we need to re-think our diets in order to protect the natural world!

Sorry to burst your avocado bubble by reminding you of the fact that we inhabit a far from perfect world!

I paint in oils for durability and lightfast, vivd colours.

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