Creature of the Garden III

Creature of the Garden III


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Size: 80 x 100 cm

Materials: oil on canvas

Date: 2021

1 in stock

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An oil painting of a monstrous yet colourful nude, in a beautiful garden setting, with tropical plants and a black and white checkered floor. The inspiration for the floor came from the gallery floor where this painting was first exhibited. The female nude body has been distorted (using my mobile camera technology) and instead of aiming for unattainable modern beauty standards, we had fun playing with mutations! The model is already beautiful, so there was nothing to prove. She’s confident enough in herself to allow me to paint this type of image of her – she’s the opposite of vain. The distorted nude was the starting point, then came the tropical garden setting with perspective going into the vanishing point.

I used bright greens and blues to depict the different tones in the shadows of the body. I used a vivid red to delineate the figure from the background. There are some nice crackles in the black squares on the floor, revealing the flat pistachio colour that was once the background wall.

I want people to value other benefits than skin deep beauty and instead to admire the weird and wonderful features about each other.

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