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Materials: oil paint on board

Size: 98 x 68 cm

Date: 2020

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This is a nurse (and her husband) after her first week back on duty in the Intensive Care Unit, tackling the COVID-19 pandemic at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital, Birmingham, UK.

At work, she wears full personal protective equipment and has learned to smile with her eyes. As a coordinator, she tries to reduce people’s anxiety and fear. When she comes home, she has to decontaminate by showering thoroughly – before even getting a hug. She is a ward sister – she is my sister.

The inspiration for this painting came from a screenshot I took during a family conference call. The strong light cast across their living room wall caught my eye. I waited until the subjects were both totally relaxed in an unguarded pose before taking the screenshot. The subjects are set back in this comfortable domestic scene, casually observing the viewer on a large flat-screen TV.

I created a balanced asymmetric triangular composition – one half of the painting is just about the wall!

Did you notice that they have their technology handy? They both have their mobile phones on the arms of the sofa!

Which artist from history does this painting remind you of?

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