Evil Pigeon


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Size: 24 x 20 cm

Materials: oil on board

Date: 2021

1 in stock

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The reason I painted this pigeon is because I’ve been having a little problem with them recently.

We are lucky enough to have a gorgeous roof terrace here in Barcelona. Pigeons sit on top of the neighbouring flats and with their bottoms hanging over the edge, they do their doings, which then fall all the way down (four stories) and land with a splat! I’m forever hosing down the tiles.

I painted this from a photo that I took. I felt like a bit of a fool chasing pigeons around in public with my camera phone, trying to get a decent close up. When I snapped this one, I knew I’d caught the right one.

I took my time to celebrate this mundane beauty, with those shiny pink and green plumes and orange eyes!

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