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SIZE: 100cm x 73cm
MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas
DATE: 2016

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This is a painting of a little girl that I am very fond of. When she posed for me, for a photo, she stood still, behaving well but when I said, “Thank you, you can go now.” She came to life and did her little turn and walked off like this. So cute, so vigorous. She was five at the time. So merry and so innocent. So, I made an extra effort to capture all that in this painting, which is about the spirit of a little girl, painted entirely with a palette knife. It could have just stayed a photo but I felt compelled to take that moment in time and make it into something much bigger, something to be considered and I knew I could do that by painting it. This painting naturally elevates her as a person because people will be curious to know what the painting is about and who she is. If you knew her though, you’d know she doesn’t actually need any help being elevated!

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Dimensions120 × 100 × 15 cm


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