Holding it Together

Holding it Together


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Size: 80cm round

Materials: silk, rusty metal rim, suture staples, cotton thread and string.

Date: 2019

1 in stock

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Emma artistically expressed the harsh reality of the models experience. The title is about how she observed her old friend hold her life together (with two teenage sons), while she traversed cancer, divorce, homelessness, menopause, surgery, death and ultimately resilience and hope.
Emma took the pre-operation photo, enlarged the negative, tore it and printed it on a piece of second hand silk, using daylight sensitive chemicals. She rinsed and dried the silk (when it turns blue) and then stitched the tear back together using the actual sutures from the operation (collected from the doctor). She then attached the fabric to a rusted rim of a steel oil drum, that she’d picked up in the countryside.
A primitive drum feeling comes across in the piece, as well as the resolute stare that penetrates the audience. The worst is yet to come.

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Dimensions100 × 100 × 10 cm


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