Joy – Woman In A Small Boat

Joy – Woman In A Small Boat


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Materials: partially glazed stoneware

Size: 10 x 10.5 x 10.5cm

Date: 2018

Out of stock

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Joy is a figurative stoneware sculpture of a woman in a small boat, which has water in. The water is melted blue glass. I made this sculpture after a summer day trip out to sea in my friends small boat. He said it hadn’t been this choppy before, as I embraced my fear of the deep sea. It was exhilarating though, as I sat at the front of the boat, drenched. In the end, as we were getting battered by wave after wave, and we were all completely soaked, I told him to hold off on the speed a little. We then found some people stranded by a buoy, who had engine problems, so we rescued them and towed them back to shore. After that we had some plain sailing with the wind behind us, and we ate our sandwiches taking in all the majestic energy of the sea around us. We went to explore the port of Motril, where we sailed round an enormous Russian tanker. The anchor alone was as big as a 4 story house. My friend said, that each person he’d taken out on the boat had had a completely different experience. I was really happy with my experience and so much so that this little figure emerged when I was doodling later with some clay.

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