Kid Sister

Kid Sister


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Materials: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 100 x 80cm

Date: 2017

1 in stock

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This painting is a surreal composition about saying goodbye, uprooting and living in a strange land. It started off as an emotional piece, as a farewell to my little sister, who was going to live in Australia. It was a portrait from a photo she sent of her and her stick insect pets. Her first pets, her first responsibility for a living thing other than her hospital patients. So anyway, once she’d left and we have been in contact loads, I kind of got over it and decided I would prefer to paint the 4 day old baby goat I had cuddled and have a beautiful photograph of.

The whole painting is arranged as a montage in photoshop from several images. The rocky square blocks of the river are from a beach near the port of Motril, they flow under Charles bridge in Prague, which is collaged from tram tickets, also from Prague. The rose has its thorns and roots and the whole painting signifies the suffering and beauty in the rocky journey of life.

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