I’m not just enlarging photos (using artists quality, light fast, oil paint), I’m hopefully adding something that a machine can’t – some magic!

I can turn your special photo into an oil painting. Take advantage of this moment – I have the time and I’m up for polishing my skills.

The subject doesn’t even have to be a portrait, it might be your favourite view or a photo you love of an experience. Or you might just want me to paint something that you can’t – like a plant!

I took the photos for this double portrait, then spent ages choosing the right one to work from (well lit faces, with the right expressions (not too excitable). The client has got to stare at this on their walls for like… forever!

The voice of my intuition, as I painted, was saying things like, “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what my clients will like. I just gotta keep painting and then see how it comes out. Don’t judge it. I will improve as I go along. I mustn’t fret. Just do what is in front of me. Stick to the tonal values. Don’t labour over it.”

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Contact me to discuss what you’d like and prices. You can have a painting in the size and colours to suit.