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Size: 60 x 79.5 cm
Materials: oil on canvas
Date: 2020

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This is an example of an oil portrait – it’s a self-portrait! Read my blog to find out more about commissioning a Portrait Painting

I started this portrait painting a few years ago but got put off from working on it because I wasn’t clear about my motivation. Not long ago I picked it up again, when a fellow artist and I challenged each other to create self-portraits like Frida Kahlo did – turning ourselves inside out. I painted myself into the landscape that I love and am leaving behind.

I added things that have meaning for me such as wearing my best clothes and jewellery, my paintbrush, thistles and dried grasses, olive trees, my beloved mountain view at sunset and my noisy neighbours – the swallows. Maybe the bird stuck in my hair, is representative of my attachment to this place I have puts roots into? I wanted to represent my life as a country bumpkin, especially because a new adventure is looming – I’m going to live in the city of Barcelona!

Why Commission a Portrait?

It’ll come in handy! You can pimp up your online presence by using it as your social media icon, the avatar on your app and as your team picture on your work website.

Prices start at £200 + P&P, for a single head and shoulders portrait, with a simple one colour background, on A4 size canvas. Plus I’ll throw in a digital photo of your portrait for free! Things that will effect the price are the larger the size, quantity of people and complexity of the background.


Contact me to discuss what you’d like.

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