The Bather

The Bather


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Size: 30 x 40cm
Materials: oil on primed paper
Date: 2019


1 in stock

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This painting is available as a digital download or you can order an A3 print.

During the creative process this painting started off as a red tree… then an angel appeared above it, which turned into a gardener (who was pruning the tree). Then the gardener got more of a body, and the tree disappeared. The sea came into being, the gardener became female (wearing a white bikini – because though I like painting nudes, I felt that she probably wouldn’t be naked in real life). The moonlight reflection made it into a night-time scene, and then the waves breaking on the sand gave me a chance to play with abstract marks to suggest this. I even painted and scratched it with my left hand to be less precious.

Painting of a bather

The bather appears slightly pensive, like she’s concentrating – perhaps treading carefully to avoid sharp stones, as she comes out of the sea. Her body is realistic in terms of everyday body standards of today. She’s no bikini model, in fact, I used no model at all as reference. She is painted entirely from my memory of the human form.

Creative Channel

This painting had a real journey coming into being. I had to keep my creative channel really open the whole time, without judging myself or the painting, in order to let it just be.


The painting reminds me of when I went swimming in the warm sea at night. I was with my husband, we were kissing – it was magical!

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