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Materials: oil on canvas

Size: 46 x 55 cm

Date: 2020

Out of stock

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Does looking at this oil painting make you fancy a nice glass of cold vermouth? This was the first drink I ordered in a cafe when I got to Barcelona. It looked so good that I photographed it before I drank it and then sometime later, I painted it. Just looking at this painting makes me want to drink it all over again though – like how an advert works!

Whatever I choose to paint (sculpt or film) brings that very subject matter right to our attention and makes us take notice of it. This makes me think wisely about what I value as worthy enough, to elevate into your consciousness. I’ve always said, “I feel a responsibility towards the audience about the themes I choose.”

I’m not going to stick to being inoffensive though, by only painting flowers and abstracts :)

The painting falls apart close up and yet it looks really accurate from a distance. You can zoom in!

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Dimensions65 × 56 × 10 cm


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